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Dog Bloopers

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Last weekend ...
Roxx (My 95 lb Rottie) Broke the windsheild in my car... With her head!

She was sitting quietly in the front passenger seat..Then suddenly..
I turned on the windsheild wipers (with wiper fluid) to clean off some bird poop ...
She tried to attack the windsheild (to protect us) and busted my windshield with her concrete head.
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A couple weeks ago Mumble was really excited while I was letting him out. I opened the sliding door, but the screen was still closed. He didn't notice and ran straight into it and bounced off.
Ouch! Was Roxx okay?
lol dogs are such characters, they all have their own distinct personalities.

This here isn't much of a blooper, but my boyfriend and I thought it was pretty funny.
We took Lola to the dog park and she carried her ball into the water and lost it, which made her a bit anxious.
I guess she was fed up with us trying to make up for her lost ball with a measly stick lol.
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