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Dog Biting?

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Hello everyone,
My rescue is now approaching six months, and we almost had a problem yesterday. My younger cousins tried to pet my dog, but she snapped at her. Caramel almost bit her, and I'm afraid she would've drawn blood. She is not hand-shy to me or my family members, but seem to be scared or nervous around little kids. She also seems to be a little nervous of older people, but tolerates them. I got her at about 5 months old, and tried to socialize, but the COVID-19 pandemic got in my way. Please let me know if you have any tips! I live in a pretty lonely neighborhood where there isn't a lot of diversity of people.
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I feel you with the covid troubles, we got our pup in mid September and he only just met another dog two days ago at puppy class. Is there a pet store you can visit?

As for socializing with a diversity of ppl, Ozzy was terrified of strangers and wailed at his vet visit for his second round of shots when the vet touched him bc he had only met 3 ppl before that. So all of this is expected.

He has since met my parents, my OH's parents, his sister and my nieces. The vet suggested I have my nieces feed Ozzy his meal. In any case, my nieces each met him separately and then again together and each time they fed him treats while sitting on the floor. We let Ozzy approach my oldest niece totally on his own and after cowering and barking, he eventually settled and my niece was able to establish a relationship enough to be able to hold him (seated on the floor) by the end of it.

I'm nothing of a dog trainer, just someone else with a covid pup, so just saying what it's working for us. Of course each dog has its own pace for approval and watching the dog's behavior and moving at that pace is very important, but hopefully some reward would help her to soften up with ppl she finds scary atm.
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