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Dog Bites and fleas and thin hair ?

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When I got my rescue dog and gave her a bath this is what her skin and fur looked like , Since then has healed 90% but the vet said he didnt know for sure what it may been, but that a few looked like dog bites . She was covered in fleas but no scratching and never have seen her scratch

Thank you


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Thank you for your reply,
She has been with me since end of june,
The vet didnt have any concerns on it just had me get triflexis for fleas, looked at fur and skin but i ended up taking her back and shown a photo if her wet how her skin is he just said no idea shes a rescue could of been anything. .

Food currently am giving her purina pro plan but thinking if blue dog food may be better or a differnt brand.

I was curious what it may look like to everyone knowing its not a diagnosis or anything, just a opinion and situations they been through maybe.

i thought maybe fleas but when looked online didn't see anything about fleas and scabbed patches. I am grateful there healed almost just curious what may if been.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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