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Dog Bites and fleas and thin hair ?

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When I got my rescue dog and gave her a bath this is what her skin and fur looked like , Since then has healed 90% but the vet said he didnt know for sure what it may been, but that a few looked like dog bites . She was covered in fleas but no scratching and never have seen her scratch

Thank you


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You don't say how long you've had this dog, and your post makes it sound as if the vet didn't have concerns about her skin and coat now. If she was in such poor condition when you got her, give her time in her new clean environment with decent food and care to heal. A better coat may not come in till she's been through a shed and regrowth cycle. If you're feeding kibble, you might consider a supplement such a good quality fish oil.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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