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We have a 4 year old Cockapoo (Cooper) who is for the most part a very happy and calm dog. He rarely barks at others when we are on walks and almost never when encountering other dogs. However, for quite some time now he barks very loudly when I get up to leave the room if my wife is also in the room. More with me than my wife. Until recently I would leave for work early in the morning and return around 5pm on most days. He would generally bark whenever I got up to leave for the day. Now that I'm working in isolation at home he will bark whenever I get up out of my chair (when he's lying beside me) or when I enter the room where he and my wife are. I think maybe it's separation anxiety (thinking I'm going to leave the house) but I'm not sure. After he barks he quickly runs to his food bowl to eat a few morsels (we free feed him so there's always food available) so it does seem like a nervous reaction. I've tried to not make sudden moves so as not to startle him but that rarely helps.
Looking for any advice on how to change this behaviour and help him to be less frantic in these situations.

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