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Dog Barking at TV

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We are having a little issue with our new puppy barking at the tv screen. She's not barking because of the volume....she just walks into the room....looks at the screen and starts barking even if we mute the sound.

Barks MORE when it's a show with a dog on it.

Other than never watching our tv again....any suggestions???
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Just remove her from the room when she does this.
Does she bark at it when the screen isn't on?
Oh, dear. That doesnt sound like something I want to deal with. But as WestHighlander suggests, remove the pup from the room, wait for her to be calm, bring her in, and keep doing that until she no longer barks.

I believe picking her up in that case is ok, but am not sure.
Ummm, she's alert barking.....you don't remove the dog from the room for doing their job of alerting the rest of the pack that someone is 'coming in through the window'.

You treat it like you do all alert barking...you investigate/intercept the 'intruder', thank the dog for the alert....their job is done now (Quiet) and then you teach them what is normal so they don't have to bark out false alerts in the future.
She barks when the tv is on.....maybe we only noticed it the other night because we were watching Animal Planet and dogs were on the tv.

she was not barking tonight when my hubby was watching baseball....maybe she's a redsox fan?

I'll keep monitoring what's going on and when she barks. The vet recommended the citronella collar. anyone use this?
I wish most vets would stay out of animal behavior issues. :) I would not use a citronella collar on this pup.

I agree with TooneyDogs on this one. It's a strange thing she doesn't understand, so she's barking at it. Give her something more interesting to do. Teach her to go to her place, lie down and give her a Kong or treat ball or something to keep her busy while the TV is on. She will eventually get used to the moving pictures on the box.
Forget the citronella collar. We want our dogs to alert us of possible problems as good watchdogs but, we want to reduce the false alerts. We do that by teaching the pup what is normal and what is not normal....basic socialization/introduction to the world.
If you're not sure how to do that then I strongly urge Puppy classes.
Please don't use the citronella collar. This isn't a problem with "barking at unfamiliarity." Barking at unfamiliarity is okay; it's natural for dogs (and to some extent humans). But you want your puppy to learn that the television is a familiar thing, and isn't worth barking at.
Your puppy is only confused, and should pass very fast. My dogs do not even react to dogs barking on the radio or TV, beats me how they know the difference between the real thing and reproduced, but they do!

If your pup does not get over it (he will), consider your self luckey, when you go out, just leave the TV on for the dog to watch:D
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