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Dog Backpacks

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I'm planning on getting a backpack for my adult lab in the next few weeks and one for the puppy WHEN SHE IS OLD/DEVELOPED enough. No way would I put one on a 5 month old puppy. Just though I'd clarify that.

Anyway...which brands have you all had success with? I have seen reviews about how some sit too far back on the dog and possible back problems...but of course these are the ones that seem the most readily available right?

So...I'm open to suggestions. Both dogs are labs. The current adult is about 50lbs and the puppy is projected to be between 55-60 when she is fully grown.
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At what age can a pack be used?
Our Akita is about 18 months.
That is plenty old enough. We had our Akitas in backpacks at 8-9 months. They were 80-90 lbs by then, so I guess it would depend on the size of your Akita. All three ended up being 120+ and never had any health problems. They were also pulling us through the snow every winter, so I guess they just got used to pulling things and carrying weight.
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