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Is this a new behaviour? Have you had this guy since the beginning or did he come to you as an adult? Is the going to the folks place a new thing as well? Has he had any "scares" from anyone who came to the house prior to this behaviour coming up?

If this is new behaviour I highly recommend two things:
A vet check to determine if he has thyroid issues (fear behaviours/anxiety are common in subclinical thyroid cases).
Working on management and training/behaviour modification for when people come over. Visitors should be instructed not to look at or touch the dog for at least the first little while they are there. The dog should be on a leash or in another room, gated with a baby gate so he can see them but not be forced to interact or defend himself and FED when visitors arrive. You want to change how he feels about people coming in...if he gets lots of goodies (very small, high value treats) he will learn people visiting is a precursor to good things happening.

Eventually the dog can be tossed treats by the visitors themselves.
It's classical conditioning at it's best.
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