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Dog allergy

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Hi all

My wife has a weird allergic reaction to Alfie, it's only on her forearms and seemingly only from when she picks him up so that his chest/tummy is on her arm. Just wondering if anyone else has seem anything like that? I thought it might be something to do with his skin or possibly sweat, as his hair doesn't seem to cause anything?

Also was wondering if it might be hormonal, and when he gets the snip in a couple of months it might change?
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We've only had him for 5 weeks and he hasn't been washed yet. We did give him a dose of Frontline about 2 weeks ago but actually the reason we did that was because she had a set of bite-like marks on her arm and we thought he had fleas, so it can't be that. He can lick her anywhere (legal!) and there's no reaction, so saliva wouldn't seem likely, what is dander? Doggy dandruff?

She does get hayfever in the summer so we're trying Claritin. Guess it could be the outdoors coming inside!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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