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So, I got my Corgi puppy about a week and a half ago, she is currently 7 months old. I am not sure on if and how they socialized her with other dogs/humans. When I first brought her into our apartment she had no problem with my boyfriend. Now all of a sudden she grows/lunges at him whenever he enters a room or whenever he is in the room and starts to move around. I have tried the treat approach and she accepts treats from him and even goes up to him for pets, but as soon as he leaves the room and comes back its like hes a complete stranger and she begins to growl and lunge at him. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, my boyfriend is already super frustrated with the situation and cant even feel welcome in his own house.

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BF just needs to ignore the dog and go about his normal routine.

Stop the treats when the dog lunges or growls. This reinforces the unwanted behavior.

I'd suggest a distraction or redirection technique when BF is entering the area. BF will need to signal to you before entering so you can do the redirection technique.

Redirection can be simple like teaching a command like.....Ignore/Pass, Come, Sit.......
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