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Dog aggression towards female owner

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I have a 10 month old golden retriever. He does not show any concerns with anyone other than myself. A couple of months ago he was chewing a bone and I got in his face and he bit me. Obviously that was mostly my fault because I should have backed off. Then 2 months later I was laying in bed and he came and laid next to me with something in his mouth. Rather than trying to take it, I just tried to get out of the bed and away from the situation because he started to growl at me and he snapped and bit me. Now, this past week he will just look at me and growl, or last night he woke me up by laying next to me and growling, the same growl he did right before he bit me. He also will come when I call his name, and then sit on me and growl. He does not behave like this with my boyfriend. I am the one who is always with him and he follows me everywhere. Why is he doing this to me? I have tried researching and can’t seem to find any answers. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!
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Look up Resource Guarding. Chews and beds can both be resources a dog will guard.

Here are some places to start:

Assuming a vet check shows nothing out of the ordinary such as thyroid off here is what I would do:

1.) NO more sleeping on the bed or going on the bed with you. He can sleep in a crate.
2.) If he has something you want, trade for it. What he has must be of less value than what you trade for.

I think this dog need you to be clear with him. Black and white. Invoke Nothing in Life is Free. He must do something for you to get anything he wants.

He is resource guarding. The best thing you can do with resource guarding is to feed him by himself in a crate. If he has something you want, trade something of greater value for the thing you want. If he has a bone, leave him alone. If he has a toy, trade up then give the toy back so he learns you taking it does not mean he loses it.. Never just take something from him without a trade.
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I'm gonna start off by saying that this is just what it sounds like to me. In no way am I saying that this is what it is.

So, I agree with the Resource Guarding. But, to me, it also sounds like a pack thing. It sounds like he recognizes both you and your boyfriend as his pack but instead of seeing you both as his alphas he only sees your boyfriend as one and instead, to him, your just another pack member who he's trying to be dominant over.

I could definitely be incorrect as I don't have any experience in this matter but yeah, that's just what my first thought was.
Canine behaviorist have debunked pack theory regarding relationships between domestic dogs and humans quite awhile ago. Our dogs know we're not dogs and our families are not their "packs."

Here's an article - one of 100s and not necessarily the best one but, hey, it's 4 a.m.
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