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Dog advice contradictions

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Posted here a while back about puppy selection (found a blacklab/mutt from shelter) and some bite advice (he was only 8 weeks old). Mostly going well, still working on the angry/sleepy/hungry snap or bite. It happens. Thanks for all the great advice.
Here are some contradictions I have seen, even on this website:
1. Maintain eye contact / look away when trying to stop biting.
2. Move to other room from biting dog / never leave dog unattended, not even a moment.
3. Say NO BITE / do NOT say NO BITE
4. Play tug of war/do NOT play of war
5. Try ONE technique and stick with it/List of 5 or 10 things to always do
6. Punish/don’t punish (I don’t need advice here – I will not physically punish the dog, no matter the opinions of many/few)
Also, a small loop I am sometimes in – dog eliminates in the evening, then wants to play, then has to drink…then has to go at 2am.
Or – dog eliminates, I refuse to give him water after 8pm, he becomes …desperate for a drink around 11, to the point of not sleeping/howling.
So – water, or no water, in the evenings? (Refusing to play after going out at 8 or so is not really an option – he’s wide awake and ready to romp.)
Thoughts? Thanks…
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All good replies - thank you!

To clarify - bedtime (and Last Potty Call) is ~11pm - after which he commonly (and always has!) makes it til 630 or 7, which is great for me - we're on the same schedule. Ice cube is a good plan, though, I'll try it.

Most of these things seem obvious to me (or probably to anyone that's ever had a great dog relationship in the past), but "back then" we didn't have this "internet thing" to fill our heads with bad ideas.

A couple more: Collar or harness? Short leash or "spring loaded extendable?"

Finally - and off topic - this dog loves learning tricks. He catches on quick, and has excellent memory (so far). One thing he hates, though - ROLL OVER. He loves to do it on his own, he loves belly rubs, but he will not do it on command...?
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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