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Dog Acting Weird

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I'm going to start the story from beginning to make sure I don't miss any details.

Yeasterday, I put my dog (Boxer/Staffy) in his crate while my family and I went out for supper. We were gone a total of 5.5 hrs. When I let him out to take him outside, I noticed he had a limp. I didn't think much of it at first, thinking he had laid on it funny while in his crate. This morning the limp is still there. After much poking and prodding, I think what happened is he hurt one of his toes on the crate door. He's an escape artist and always tries to get out of his crate.

So today I thought I would go and buy a new crate, the wire kind (he previously had the plastic airline style). So this evening we put him in his new crate while we went out for dinner. We returned 2 hours later. I went to check on him and noticed that he was laying down looking at me, not making a sound. This in itself is really weird because he is normally the exact opposite. He usually starts barking the second he hears the garage door open. When I walked up to the crate, I stepped in a wet spot on the carpet just in front of the crate. I initially thought he had peed thru the crate, got down to smell it and it doesn't smell like urine. I also noticed that he had pushed his blanket to the very back and his front paws, front of his chest and his lower jaw were sopping wet. The were 'puddles' so to speak near the door as well. I let him out and he just slowly limped out. I looked at him closer once he was out and I noticed the brindge of his nose is really red and very swollen, there seems to be some dried blood near the corner of one of his eyes (source unknown) and a few scratches on the inside of his top lip by his front teeth. Now that he's out all he wants to do is drink and drink and sleep. When he is actually awake and not drinking, he's continually licking his front paws.

I don't know, maybe I'm over reacting. Maybe its nothing, but I just know he's not acting like his usual self. I don't know what it could be. He's UTD on his shots. He's 8 years old approx. (he from the SPCA so they couldn't be certain on his age). Prior to all of this he ate and drank normally and had normal stools and pees and normal amounts.

Any advice would be great.
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Take him to the vet. It's impossible to make a diagnosis on the internet. It sounds serious enough that I would have taken him to the vet.
Ditto the vet.
I'd also ask the neighbors if he had been particularly loud at any time. All of this sounds like he panicked in his crate. 5.5 hours may have been too long for him. Maybe a new crate needed to be trained all over again?
was there damage to the crate.....sounds like he was upset about being left...he may need to be worked with to become comfortable in his new crate:)...it should be a safe/fun place for him...practice putting him in it while you are in the room....you can give him a fun snack ..like a bully stick or a kong so he associates the crate with good things.:)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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