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We recently had our 1 year old labradoodle in for his first grooming this past Thursday. He was just getting way too hot with all of that hair! His hair was cut pretty short.

However, since he's gotten home from the groomer he just hasn't been himself recently. He's been shaking his head a lot, which I understand is due to having hair removed from his ears. He also seems to want to spend all of his time on either his favorite chair or an old couch we have in the basement. We'll coax him off of his favorite chair and he'll b-line for the next one, jump on it, and immediately lay down again. He's also started jumping on our bed and our good couch which he knows is bad and wasn't an issue before grooming.

We brought him to the vet over the weekend and she couldn't find anything of concern and just gave us something to help alleviate his itchy ears—which doesn't seem to help that much.

We brought him out with us in the backyard over the weekend for a while and he seemed just fine then—happily chewing on sticks and monitoring the squirrels in our yard. He also seems fine on walks except for shaking his head due to his ears.

We're just not sure what to do and are a bit worried. He seems so stubborn now when he's in the house and he won't leave his chair. Could it just be that his ears are bugging him so it just feels better on the couch? Does he just need some time to get used to not wearing a full fur coat anymore?
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