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Sounds outside is extremely boring now. They were used to wandering around, finding bits of grass to nibble, bugs to chase and all that. My dogs get bored and want in even though they have all that. After done with a nice sunbath and exploring they will start barking and need to come inside. If I was smart I'd set a timer and bring them in before they bark.

If I sit on the patio or putter around in the yard they are clearly delighted. My dogs adore being with me, likely yours do as well. Try joining them, read a bit, do your nails, sweep the paving and so on.

Or has something changed in the neighborhood? Construction, new dogs, noisy neighbors, more traffic? Could they be yapping about noises they think you need to know about? My dogs yap a lot less inside than out.

It's remotely possible her stomach ache started when she was outside and now she thinks it's dangerous out there. Whether the vomiting started out there or not she may have had pain before vomiting.

Good they have a safe place in the yard but they don't need to be outside. There's plenty of vitamin D in AAFCO labeled dog food.

Bonded isn't particularly good. What is going to happen when one dog dies? Max was annoyed living with old dog Sassy but when he was suddenly the only dog in the house he collapsed and I took him to the vet. He recovered inside a week after resuming normal activities, training and going to his class. I'd be doing things with the dogs on their own, take for walks and training silly dog tricks at the very least so they are away from the other dog and have some quality time with somebody besides the other dog.
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