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Doesn't respond to voice commands

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I have a 18 month old Toller. She knows about a dozen tricks by hand gesture, but doesn't seem able to learn them by voice command.

She does her puppy obedience commands by voice well enough (she comes when i say "come"...), but when I tell her to "spin", she looks bewildered and then does tricks she knows at random; apparently hoping one of the is "spin". When I move my finger in a circle she immediately spins.

Many of them she has known for year, but just doesn't seem to connect verbal commands to the behaviors. How do I improve this?
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Why does it matter? Personally, when it comes to tricks, I much prefer that the dog responds to hand or body cues. Over time, I whittle most of them down so they're essentially imperceptible to observers. That way, people are even more amazed. ie: "wow! how are you even cuing the dog to ____?"

If you want to include verbal cues in the repertoire, that's up to you. Just start adding each verbal slightly before the respective signal while practicing, the dog will eventually begin to anticipate the forthcoming signal. Then simply drop the signal.
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