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Doesn't respond to voice commands

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I have a 18 month old Toller. She knows about a dozen tricks by hand gesture, but doesn't seem able to learn them by voice command.

She does her puppy obedience commands by voice well enough (she comes when i say "come"...), but when I tell her to "spin", she looks bewildered and then does tricks she knows at random; apparently hoping one of the is "spin". When I move my finger in a circle she immediately spins.

Many of them she has known for year, but just doesn't seem to connect verbal commands to the behaviors. How do I improve this?
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I have to agree with others, that you're doing something wrong, because barring hearing impediments, your dog should have learned the verbal after a year. I also think a video would help pinpoint what is going wrong. It would be difficult to tell you exactly where the error is occurring without seeing it.
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