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Does your dog act accordingly to the weather?

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Yesterday was sunny and near 80 degrees. Today is almost 60 and overcast.
She was outside pretty much al day,soaking in the sun,running around the yard.Today,like her owner,seems to feel kind of gloomy.She'll pick it up when my wife gets home.I interact with her a lot a pay a lot of attention towards her,so I know that's not.I know she isn't sick either because she got a god report from the vet. What do you all think?
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Everyday is a good day to play according to Elsa. Lets just put it this way...she's averse to raincoats, but would waddle in the mud like a pig if it meant we were playing.
Toby acts according to the weather, but it's opposite!! When it's nice out, he wants to lay around and do nothing, but when it's cold or raining or snowing he is full of energy and just wants to play!! Lucky me!
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