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Does my pup poop and pee to get treats?

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I know it sounds like a silly question. It's his behavior that I have been observing since yesterday.

So, my puppy, Milo was brought to our home just yesterday. He seems like a very smart pup. He makes poo and pee accidents on the tiled floor sometimes, but most of the time, he poops and pees on the same spot, on the newspaper.

I actually don't have much money right now to buy the pads </3 Although some are sold cheap, it can be expensive if I have to use three or four pads a day so I'm using newspaper as an alternative and so far, there's no problem with it.

To train Milo to do his business on the same spot everyday, I offer him treats after the good deed. He likes those veggie biscuits that smell like milk. He goes crazy for it!

And before he does his business, he becomes super hyper. Just like any other dogs, he'd sniff and smell the floor first before moving to the newspaper. Then, he'd happily jump and hop and skip, before standing still to pee or squatting to poop.

Afterwards, he does the same thing again: jump, hop, skip around! And then he'd run towards me like he's expecting something!

Do you think I'm bribing him so much? Do you think he's doing all these things (pooping and peeing all the sake for a piece of treat / doing business on the same spot) ONLY because of these treats?

I worry he might stray from this habit if I stop giving biscuits...
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Unless you live in a high-rise, I'd recommend teaching your pup to potty outside. I'm not overly fond of dogs thinking that pottying inside is allowed, because I don't want them doing it in public buildings, other people's homes, or motel rooms. Oh, and one other thing to mention... he won't be able to tell the difference between "his" potty newspaper and the unread Sunday paper that fell on the floor. Newspaper is newspaper.

Either way, the basic potty schedule should look something like this: potty after waking up from a nap, potty after eating, potty after playing for a while, potty after getting a nice long drink, and potty every twenty to thirty minutes just because. At any of those times, take him to where you want him to potty, tell him his cue (I tell my dogs to hurry or go hurry), and after he potties, throw a party and give him treats. And don't be in too big a hurry to wean him off the after-potty treats.

To avoid accidents, you need to be watching him like a hawk. Tethering him to you is a good way to do that, or baby gates across the room exits so that he can't wander off to potty somewhere he shouldn't are two ways that will help with that. When you can't be watching him, pop him in his crate or x-pen.

If he does have an accident, how you deal with it depends on when you discover it. If you catch him in the act, just calmly say "Not there", and take him to his potty spot. If it's after the fact, then say nothing to him and clean the area using an enzymatic cleanser. Do NOT yell at him, swat him with a rolled up paper (save that for yourself for letting him have an accident :) ) or rub his nose it it.
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