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Does my cold dog want/need clothing?

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Hello! I have a 10-year old Jack Russell who isn’t as young and spry as he once was. He isn’t very interested in food and has a lot of food allergies which means that he is quite skinny and doesn’t have much body fat. Recently I’ve noticed that he (especially his paws and nose) feels very cold even when he’s indoors on the couch. Our apartment can get quite chilly and so I’ve been thinking that maybe he would enjoy like a thin sweater or something to keep him warm? Is this something worth getting for him or am I overreacting? Does the cold actually bother him?
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If you hold up a sweater and he runs to it or tucks his head into, he probably likes it. If he shivers without one, he would probably like a sweater. If he paws at it to get it off, he probably does not want it.

I know that is not a clean answer yes or no.

I think many short coated dogs will be comfortable with a light sweater in cooler temperature even indoors if you keep s cool house. I am not in a very cold climate but I like my house about 62-65 F in winter and my pit bull likes a knitted sweater to be cozy unless she is being active.
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