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Does my cold dog want/need clothing?

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Hello! I have a 10-year old Jack Russell who isn’t as young and spry as he once was. He isn’t very interested in food and has a lot of food allergies which means that he is quite skinny and doesn’t have much body fat. Recently I’ve noticed that he (especially his paws and nose) feels very cold even when he’s indoors on the couch. Our apartment can get quite chilly and so I’ve been thinking that maybe he would enjoy like a thin sweater or something to keep him warm? Is this something worth getting for him or am I overreacting? Does the cold actually bother him?
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My small dog (17lbs) doesn't enjoy his sweaters/jackets, but he allows me to put them on and he will shiver without them depending on the situation. During the winter and/or when the AC is on in the summer, he needs a sweatshirt at night or I'll wake up to him shivering curled up between my legs. It's also dependent on how recent his last haircut was, but after 5 years with him I've learned his needs. Outdoors, below 40 he wears a specific jacket, below 30 he wears a specific jacket, and below 20 we usually double up. Below 10, we don't stay outside for very long, anyways. We are very active outdoors all through the winter so he has a pretty extensive winter wardrobe of jackets, hoodies, and booties.

On the other hand, my elderly dog has run hot her entire life. She's a mutt of many breeds but her coat resembles that of a GSD/Akita, so winter is her jam. This coming winter I'm facing the same issue as you - jacket or no jacket, sweater or no sweater? For my personal dog I doubt she will need anything indoors (giant breed and double coated) but she may require a jacket when outdoors below 40-30 degrees this year. She has a double coat but she is 11 years old, lean (could stand to gain a few pounds), and has moderate-severe arthritis so keeping her joints warmed up is important for me. I've already seen her seeming a bit stiff/unwilling to go outside on the cold early mornings we've been having.

Dogs can and do get cold, so don't feel dramatic for dressing your dog. See how he reacts to wearing a sweater or jacket, and maybe think about getting him things he could burrow into - a large blanket, or one of those "cuddle cave" type dog beds, if you think he would use them.
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