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Does mental activity count?

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Still trying to figure how much food to feed my canine partner especially as he seems quite hungry. I mean, I know dogs love food, but it seems to be a bit much with him right now.

So I went on Innova's web site and used their feeding calculator. The question, though, is in regards to activity level.

The choices are inactive, active, moderate (well there's more but those are the three I think apply to Wally) for adult dogs.

Wally gets walks, usually 2 long walks a day, regardless of weather unless it's severe. He moves around in the house as well. About the only time he stops is when I do to work on the PC or eat.

I do training with him and "find the treat" games with him. This leads me to my question in my topic title - when figuring activity, do I count mental activity as well? Like now, he's sniffing up a storm trying to find the treats I hid in his bedsheets. Aside from the physical energy used in moving the sheets and I guess sniffing, do I count his brain drain as "activity" for these purposes?
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