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Does dog food expire?

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Hello everyone,
I am an animal lover, and now I have a dog. I love it very much, consider it as a member of my family. The food I buy for him is usually delicious so it is quite expensive. I don't see an expiration date on it, so I don't know if they have an expiration date or not? Since I use a voucher so I buy a lot, by the way, I also want to ask everyone where can I get a voucher or a discount code when buying dog food? Hope everyone let me know.
Thanks everyone.
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There should be an expiration date somewhere on the dog food bag or can. If you can't find it, you can contact the brand manufacturer and they should be able to tell you where it's located and how long their food stays fresh for. Freezing can help dry food stay fresh longer, as can storing opened food in an airtight, food-safe container. But any opened dry dog food should be used within about 6 weeks when stored at room temperature, and canned food must be stored in the refrigerator once opened and used within 2-3 days.

Can't help you with discounts, as I don't live in your country and am not familiar with any stores you might be using.
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