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Does Anyone Use a Paw Pad Treatment?

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I watched a video with a groomer who used a treatment on the paw pads to condition them. She spoke too fast for me to hear what it was, though.

Anyone use a treatment on their pet's paw pads?
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I guess I do in a way.

In the winter sometimes my dogs pads get a little dry and cracked, likely from the salted sidewalks. When that happens, I rinse it off of their paws, dry them and put bag balm on them.

Seems to be happening less the older they get though. In a way I guess with so much use, the pads become almost "callused" (like a long time guitar player gets on their fingertips..LOL).

Walking them on harder surface like cement toughens up the pads too. If a dog spends it's life constantly on grass and soft surfaces, their pads are more likely to be soft and easier to damage.
I put musher's secret on their pads in the winter and during the summer as well if we are walking on pavement/sidewalks (which is most of the time). Lloyd also just likes to have it put on so he gets it put on frequently . . . not sure why he enjoys it but he does.
i have pad and paw salve...Maybe seems more interested in trying to eat it/smell it than letting me put it on her feet..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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