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Does anyone have a dog that has survived distemper?

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I have a puppy that's 7 months old and she is a distemper surviver (parvo too🙁). The only lasting symptom is a leg tremor. She is a little aggressive when biting with our other dog but we hope this is from not being socialized at all from Covid and from keeping her from other dogs while she was contagious obviously. She's extremely fortunate so far but just wondering if anyone has had a dog survive and if things developed later in life? Any advice is appreciated.
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No, but we did foster one.

I remember going to the shelter to meet with the Veterinarian, meet the dog and discuss our fostering the pup. Both dogs, our foster and her sister had distemper and survived.

Myoclonus is what's leftover after the distemper in some cases. Myoclonus shows a powerful tremorthat persists even while the dog is sleepiing. In our case, the vet prescribed phenobarbytol, 3 times per day IM. They called my wife and I to foster this dog because I happen to know my way around with a dog that needs the needle.

The good news, in the case of our foster dog at least is that in time the myoclonus ceased. Both dogs went on to live normal doggie lives. Both girls were adopted by the first-time-fosters of the sister.

Google myoclonus.
Talk to your veterinarian.

Best of Luck,
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