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Does anyone feed Timberwolf Dog Food?

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Hi...wondering about a food called ....TimberWolf --- anyone have any pros or cons about this food?

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I do currently and have in the past. It is the only super premium brand that I've tried that my dog does great on! Taste of the Wild is a close second. ;)

I do notice that upon start of feeding Timberwolf the dogs poop alot more, but it is always solid and then after a couple of weeks the amount of poop is less and still perfectly formed.

Pros are : Shiny coat, no eye goobers, perfect poop, less body odor (doggie smell) no itching or paw licking, very palatable!

Cons are: Quite expensive, I have to mail order it, seems to lose delicious aroma fairly quickly once opened.

I tried several middle of the road brands that you can buy at Petsmart and had to return to Timberwolf. To many digestive issues with the others. Taste of the Wild is excellent, but not as well received as the Timberwolf.
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Hi...I haven't tried any of the Blue Buffalo foods. I have looked at them and I probably will try them at some point, but I haven't gotten around to it! The Wilderness protein level is a little high imo, but that doesn't mean I won't try it someday. Evo did not work too well for my dogs.

I have used all the flavors of Timberwolf. The only one that I didn't like so much was the Wild and Natural Dry. The kibbles are so small they are like beebees! The formula is fine and the dogs liked it, but the tiny kibble is a little too tiny.

I switch flavors with every bag! I buy three bags at a time and they are all different. Right now we are using Wilderness, next will be Ocean Blue and after that Dakota Bison.

I do recommend the food and have turned my friend onto it and her two older dogs went from dry and dull to thick, shiny and glorious! The dogs were on California Natural reduced calorie and they looked bad. Especially her Rottie. After a year on TW, you wouldn't believe the Rottie was the same dog. They refused to eat the CN after I gave her a bag of TW! She blames me for her dogs pickiness, lol!
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Happy Easter to you too!

I currently have a black Standard Schnauzer. She is a medium sized dog (37 lbs.). I have fed TW to a previous dog, a large German Shepherd. My friend feeds TW to her Rottweiler and her Australian Shepherd. I am getting a new puppy this summer, a Llewellyn Setter. This is a med/large dog. She will also most likely be eating TW. The breeder feeds Kirkland and says they have sensitive digestive systems. I have found TW to be excellent for sensitive digestion. My Shepherd would get diarrhea very easily, but not on TW.

Here are some pics!

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