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Does anyone else have a pup that searches for your other half. Me and my bf don't live together right now, but we are planing to soon just need a house or a place that will allow nyx. Well my bf was here for 2 weeks almost straight other then when he had to work on one weekend. Now Nyx seems to hunt for him and whines to see if he is somewhere. She doesn't get up on my bed unless you put her there or if she tryes to wake you up. Well i was sitting at the computer yesterday and she puts her front paw up on the bed and whines, she did it again this morning. She did it a few times during the weekend days but it didn't clue in until today that she was looking for her "daddy" as he usually last out of bed n cuddles her on the bed at times.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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