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I started dockdiving my dog in 2006, and have been active in the sport since then, under the big Trademarked company. I have also been an affiliate photographer during that time. Been there done that x 10 events per year, or more in that period of time. Shot their Worlds for a bunch of years.

When I was married, I had a kennel and was an active dog trainer and participant in k9sports. Now I have a couple of fun dogs and the ability to travel, play with my dogs. I shoot pictures as a freelance photographer and dog event photographer.

I joined the forum because I saw an old post about clubs having dockdiving, and I wanted to be available if anyone wanted to know the "way it is" from someone who has been on the participant side and has also been on a bit of the "inside the inner workings" view, also.

I retired my camera from the big trademark diving organization about a year ago and never expected to be poolside again. It was time to move on. About 2 months ago I heard of the new company called NADD, and after talking with the owner, I raised my hand and said "I'm IN!" Safer, more relaxed setting. AKC Titles!!! No Finals to have someone say "My dog's better than your dog". LOVE LOVE LOVE the new event and format! Love the ethics and the way the company is trying to make it fun for the participants.

One of my dogs is a conformation dog, who also does coursing. He'll swim, but isn't ready to jump yet. My other dog is a nice jumper who was in love with Extreme Vertical. Now he's insane for the new version, called Air Retrieve. Tried it for the first time last weekend. I LOVE IT! He has a 16' Air Retrieve leg. Love the new format, no neck snapping for the grab, and no jarring of legs in the pool as they land! He also is insane for coursing, and although he's not a sight-hound, they use him as a test dog at some of the ASFA events here in my area.

So, I'm here if anyone wants to ask questions about Dog sport photography, or about diving dog sports from an 8 year veteran.
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