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Yes we are finally getting another rottie! Since our baby girl we have been hooked on rotties since the day we got our Gretta (R.I.P)

She is 100% full blooded german rottie. She is 7 months old weighs aroung 50 lbs (she will be a big rottie). Great tempermant, very well socialized. Her current owner had to get a new job and isn't home much now! When talking to him you can tell he is ver sad and heart broken over it, but he said it isn't about him, it is what is best for her! I was very impressed by that comment...shows he really is a good dog owner and cares.

Her name is Roxi, but I am a weirdo and like to name German dogs with German names. Hubby says just keep her old name though! What do you think??? Do you think it would be wrong to change her name?
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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