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As it is summer, many people choose to take their dogs to cool off in the pool or spend a day at the beach. Do you do some protection for your dog from the sun's rays?

Although dogs' fur protects them naturally from the sun's rays, there are some areas that are very susceptible to burns, such as their nose and areas where they do not have much fur.

Here we show you some ways in which you can avoid sunburns on your dog. :

1, Sunscreen
Sunscreen for dogs may sound like a passing fad but it can be very useful. It should be applied to the nose, ears, and other exposed areas. As for choosing a sunscreen, be sure to choose one that does not contain zinc oxide, which is toxic to them.

2, Clothes for dogs
Another alternative is protective clothing against UVA / UVB rays for dogs. Or light-colored clothing can also keep your pet cool.

3, Shadow
A little place in the shade for your dog can cool it and protect it from the sun's rays.

4, Coat
Your coat protects your skin from exposure to the sun, so leave them some hair! If your dog needs haircuts or has uncovered ears, it is a good idea to put some sunscreen on those areas.

5, Lenses for dog
The eyes of your dog are commonplace for canine melanoma. If you live in a sunny area, investing in some dog lenses will help protect your eyes from the intense rays of the sun.

Do you have other useful things to help protect pets from the sun's rays?

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