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Do you ever cut???

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I have a wonderful 2 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Rico). We live in the beautiful mountains of NC. It gets hot and humid here in the summer. Rico seems to be uncomfortable with the heat and all his hair. I have tried looking up if you ever cut a Cavalier like many people do a cocker spaniel in warm weather and have been unable to find information. Can anyone tell me if it is Ok to get a Cavalier cut? I just hate to think of Rico suffering in the hot weather. Any information or insight on this would be most appreciated.:)
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I clip a couple of Cavs in the hotter months...I clip them with a 3 3\4's blade, which takes alot of the long coat off, but doesn't strip him 'naked', if you know what I mean.

With these dogs I make sure to strip the dead coat out first, before shaving, so the dog clips off more even, as well as grows in more even. The groomer can either hand strip that dead stuff, or use a deshedding tool to help remove it.
Thank you so much for the information. I will check with my vet's groomer and see if they can do this for Rico.
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