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As my vet first told me about Spirit, "there's a lot of terrier in there." so of course she's full of energy. Some much so that she bumps into things but continues on like nothing happened. Luckily she's only 30 lbs, so my walls and tables aren't showing the slightest bit of wear, but the concern is solely about her. Do any of you pad your walls or hard furniture?

For example, if I bring out some treats and she's near a wall or table she'll probably smack he head or body against it as she spins but continue as if nothing happened. I know I'd be stunned if I hit my hard like that. Even stranger is that it took her over a year to realize that wet paws have no traction on my tile floor. She used to run into the house full speed then attempt a 90* turn but simply slam into the wall instead ... repeatedly. Only reason it happens less often is because I now make her sit 15-90 seconds to cool down before entering my house. Now she simply drifts around corners with an occasional slam.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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