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Do i need to make vet appointment to get more preventive meds?

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I use Advantage multi on my dog. Today after I applied it I realized i have one tube left. The vet's office is closed. I know it's a prescription thing but do I need to make an appointment and take my dog in to get more or can I just stop in? My dog's 11 months old and been going to the same vet since I got him at 3 months.
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Call and find out. It's important to have the correct dosage. If he's still growing vet may want to have a current weight before prescribing more. My vet allows me to go in and have the dog weighed and chart updated without an appointment or charge.
Definitely call to find out. Because it's a puppy, they might want you to bring him in to get an accurate weight.

But my vet will prescribe preventatives for some long-term, generally healthy, clients without an appointment, as long as he's seen them at least once in the last 12 months.
Call and find out when the office opens again. If the dog is still growing, they may ask you to come in and have the dog weighed.
do I need to make an appointment and take my dog in to get more or can I just stop in?
It might vary from vet to vet. We don't need to make an appointment at our vet. I just go in and buy more when we need it.
Yeah just call and see what they say. I just go by and get what I need when I need it, normally.

But really... I never quite understand these types of questions. A call to the vet costs nothing - yet people consistently seem so unwilling to do so. So many thread topics of "should I go to the vet if..." when a simple phone call to the vet asking THE SAME QUESTION will provide an answer that is far more appropriate than what internet strangers could tell you.
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