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There was a post recently whether dogs can demonstrate emotion, referring mostly to the devotion, love aspect. But they do have another side to them also, that being a littlle selfish.

Example, I have two small dogs, and they have over an acre of land to play in but for special treat, I take one at a time into the Forest area behind my house. I use a flexie leash thats why the one at a time and (so they will not chase deer, or turkeys and get lost), so I always take the girl first, as soon as we are out of sight of the male he will start barking, I feel he is concerned he cannot see the female. She totally ingnores him.
But when I take the male for his turn, she will wait, then start to bark, but not in the same tone as the male, more like I am in trouble bark, and the male will immediately turn around to go back, cutting his trip short. So when we get back she is all tail wiggles wanting me to take her for another walk because the Male came back so soon!:)

To me this demonstrates how shrewd, and crafty dogs can be, and full of many different kinds of emotions, not only nice ones!:eek:
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