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DIY Dried Liver Treats/Bread Question

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I found a website with instructions, but it doesn't say how to care for the treats after. Should I refrigerate them?
Here are the instructions I found:

Also, my dogs used to like liver bread but I stopped feeding it because of the corn and flour ingredients. Does anyone know of any alternatives to cornmeal and flour that are a bit healthier for dogs? I know grains in general should be avoided, but which ones are the worse ones? I know I can do like a rice flour or one of those gluten free flours but what can I use to replace the cornmeal?
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As for flour I was given advice on homemade dog treats. Using bleached white flour is not good. You can substitute white flour with potato flour or rice flour. That would be much better than the white. :)

In my area I can find specialty flours of all kinds made by " Red Mill " ... just a brand ...

EDIT: Another maker of specialty flour - www.old-mill.com/ ..... not sure about corn meal?

I did find this of interest concerning the corn meal and dogs ...www.best-dog-treat-recipes.com/ ... and searched " cornmeal treats "
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