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DIY Dried Liver Treats/Bread Question

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I found a website with instructions, but it doesn't say how to care for the treats after. Should I refrigerate them?
Here are the instructions I found:

Also, my dogs used to like liver bread but I stopped feeding it because of the corn and flour ingredients. Does anyone know of any alternatives to cornmeal and flour that are a bit healthier for dogs? I know grains in general should be avoided, but which ones are the worse ones? I know I can do like a rice flour or one of those gluten free flours but what can I use to replace the cornmeal?
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I was surprised to find that you can just mix cooked pureed vegetables with cooked or raw pureed liver in equal amounts plus a raw egg for binder and bake into a treat that works fine as a training treat to tear small bits from. I forget exactly what I used, probably carrots, broccoli and celery as I always have those on hand. Might have been an apple in there too as I did this during the summer when the apples were ripe. I baked just until set, not dried. Cooked liver baked faster than raw liver.

I always store homemade treats in the freezer in case there is some moisture left in the treats. Why risk it?
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