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My vet suspected that my pup may have DLE. She said the only way to be sure is through a biopsy. I’m currently in the research phase trying to learn more about DLE. Does anyone’s pup have DLE? Can you guys share your thoughts and experiences?

Somethings that came up as I was doing research:
1. Is it that important and worth the cost to get it properly diagnosed? DLE seems to me like a cosmetic disease (nose/muzzle turned pink, used to be brown), is it worth having my pup go through the biopsy surgery/pain/possible horrid experience just for a diagnosis?
2. Since there is no cure for DLE, only treatments, that means trying different medications to see which can help. My pup is otherwise healthy...should I be messing with my pup’s overall health by going through medications that may cause unwanted side effects on him?
3. Do the colors even return when taking medication?

Any information would be great. Thanks!

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Hmm......my take. If there is no cure and the dog is without pain and has normal behavior, then I'd leave well enough alone.

Mind you, I know nothing about DLE other than what you have expressed.

An off-colored nose/muzzle just becomes part of the dog's normal appearance.
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