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After going to the vet, which was my sisters dogs best day of his entire life lol, we decided to take the three big dogs to the lake the other day. I still don't have a camera so I didn't get any pictures there but the dogs had a blast. We also found that the 70 lb Irish Setter can't swim. He's been to the river many times but I guess we never realized that he doesn't go where he can't reach. So we get to the lake and Boomer goes flying off the dock like always and my sisters setter dives right off after him.. and sinks like a rock. right before we went to jump in after him he came up and slowly and loudly splashed his way to land. Didn't phase him much though, he kept trying to figure it out without much luck!

After swimming and wrestling with the other dogs there we loaded up the three huge muddy, sandy, wet, smelly, drooly dogs into my moms car.. I'm sure she loved that! All three got bathed, blow dried, trimmed up before they could come in the house after that day!

And after a long day there's nothing better than finding a good place to lay down and relax!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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