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Yes, the best solutions for digging are often supervision and/or creating an appropriate space and training the dog to dig there, instead. Some dogs will naturally stop digging as much with an increase in mental or physical stimulation (so more training, enrichment, or exercise), but for others it's more of a hard-wired thing where they just do it for the love of it.

There's some fixes like filling the holes with larger stones that might put a band-aid on the issue, but unless it's to prevent digging in a very specific spot (eg, attempting to tunnel under a fence), you'll likely just wind up with a bunch of rock-filled holes all over the yard and a dog who keeps finding new digging spots.

I do find it suspect that he doesn't have dirt on his paws. Not my experience with my digger at all, haha.

Oh, and if you do go the sandbox route, consider making a cover for it if you have any free-roaming cats in your area. Your dog might appreciate the 'snacks' they'll leave, but I doubt you will, haha.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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