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Digging is really good doggy fun. If you don't want him digging in your gardens, then you can't leave him out there unsupervised. If you do, he will create his own fun. Take him out on leash & walk him around until he relieves himself. This will eliminate the problem of getting distracted & 'forgetting' to go. Afterwards, you can reward him with some off leash playtime, and then bring him inside when you want/need to.

You might also consider building him a special area to dig in. A child's sandbox works, or you can build a spot in a corner of the yard & fill it with sand. Then part of his playtime can include you encouraging him to dig in that spot. Bury toys/treats in it & let him sniff/dig them out. When you have a dog that really loves digging, it's usually much easier to redirect it, then eliminate it entirely (and a lot more fun & enriching for the dog!)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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