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my poor aunt called me the other day and told me some bad news about her poodle, rusty. he is 10 years old and overweight by 10 lbs [he is a toy poodle..]
but thats not even the bad part.

the vet said he has two broken molars, and a handful of external tumors on his rear end, mostly by his anal glands. and he needs neutered [the vet suspects that has something to do with the tumors]. the estimated cost is upwards of 2k.

my aunt has very little money, but she acts like shes willing to go even further into debt to get all this done. and im on the other line wondering.. is there ever a scenario when you just gotta "give up"?

i mean, hes had a good life.. eating out, fathering two litters of puppies, and being a very spoiled dog. i know poodles tend to have very long life spans, but i figure if you add on how obese he is, hes getting close to retirement.

what would you do in this situation? if you think he should remain untreated until his condition worsens and he becomes unhappy or in pain and then be laid to rest, how would you go about telling a very distraught aunt?
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