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Different rules for dogs in the same household?

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Hi! We have a 1 year old chihuahua and he is allowed to go on every furniture in the house. Beds, sofa, chairs.. But in a few weeks we are getting German Shepherd! And I dont want him to jump up on any furniture he decides to like the chihuahua does. So my question is if it will be any problem to teach him that because he will see that its no problem with the chihuahua? Thank you for your help!
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You should be able to give him a separate set of rules. The only issue could come if you are sitting on the couch, petting and snuggling with the chihuahua, and totally ignoring your shepherd. As long as you are sure not to do that, there is no problem. My friend has a Sheltie and a GSD, and he has different rules for the two of them, and it has worked out fine. Again, the key is to not exclude or inadvertently punish your Shepherd with these rules.
We have a big dog and a small dog - they definitely have different rules. Food is different, treats are different, permissions are different. Dogs generally want to please their master. The rules have to be consistent and they will be fine, but I agree - no favorites on attention.
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