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Didnt realise so many people believed in Alpha nonsense.

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So I have moved areas and become part of a face book group for the local dog park.

There are quite a few members who post, asking how do I get my puppy not to be the alpha over the older dogs and blah blah blah she needs to know she is at the bottom.

I REALLY did not realize how many people bought into that BS.

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Oh my goodness I just got a reply from someone I gave advice too. Told me I was stupid for telling them that the older dog won't correct a 12 week old puppy. And why would I give such dangerous advice. Argh!
Sometimes I just want to crawl into a whole with my dog and stay there lol...
Oh wow, wasn't expecting that many replies to come to this morning!
I do believe that a "pack" hierarchy exists, that's for sure. But when people believe so strongly in something just because they have seen it from a certain someone on tv rather than going out and doing research of their own bothers me. Fine they can have an opinion if they have looked into it themselves and looked into other methods and found whats best for them. And also for someone to think that a 12 week old puppy is trying to get one up over all the other dogs is ridiculous. (that's what this person believes)

Social structure in a multi dog situation is about as far as I will take any of that stuff. I feel like people forget that dogs have personalities some are outgoing, some are couch potatoes and that they aren't robots who will conform to the "pack" structure because that's "how it is". My dog just doesn't care to argue and that's her. If people choose to see that as submissive then fine. I certainly wont look into her eyes or alpha roll her, ever.

And to comment on this.... IMO that is NOT good advice... Having been around dogs and puppies for all of my nearly 45 years, an adult dog most certainly will correct an over enthusiastic puppy. As PawzK9 mentoned it should not be a serious correction... But depending on the dog it can be HARSH. Young puppies should only be around VERY Reliable dogs and with supervision. An Adult dog can hurt a puppy in a flash.
Ah i didn't word that properly, that does sound stupid. I believe my exact words were "As the puppy is only 12 weeks old, you wont find your other dogs correcting the younger dog seriously until it gets older" I don't know if that's right either im not an expert it is probably as you said JB the older dogs arent reliable enough, but ill take that over the puppy is trying to be alpha anyday. I could have given a better answer, but when you go on a big spiel on a fb page you seem like a bit of a nut job. :S
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And while I of course understand that dominance/submissiveness is an important everyday part of behavior between dogs, I also think that it's much more contextual than is understood by the general public, and that is where I take issue. There are dogs that tend to interacts submissively with other dogs, but with the right dog and situation they can no longer be the case. And a dog that tends to express their dominance over other dogs will, if they have good social skills, give in sometimes too. What the average person understands of dominance is not useful at all. And it makes people tend towards explaining every behavior their dog does as a dominance related problem, and this often ignores important underlying issues.
I like this point very much. (lol that sounds like spam)
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