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Didnt realise so many people believed in Alpha nonsense.

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So I have moved areas and become part of a face book group for the local dog park.

There are quite a few members who post, asking how do I get my puppy not to be the alpha over the older dogs and blah blah blah she needs to know she is at the bottom.

I REALLY did not realize how many people bought into that BS.

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*read sarcasm here* I didnt realize so many people bought into the anti-alpha, postive only BS.

its called an opinion, people having an opinion different from yours doesnt make it BS. :rolleyes:
It does is the BS in question is antiscientific nonsense repudiated by numerous studies.

In other words, you can have the opinion that the sky is green, but it's not. It's blue.
IF three dogs are in a room and you put three bones in the center of the room and one dog takes control of all three bones, what do you call that?
I call that Kabota. Well, to be fair, Muggsy would have done that, too, after killing the other two dogs. Which is why he was never in a room with any other dogs. What's your point?

If your dog takes orders, follows instructions, and commands given by you, what do you call that?
I call that a well trained dog. Dominance ain't in it.
1 - 2 of 173 Posts
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