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Did I Tell You?

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Annie has a forever home....the friend of mine that paid to fly her out here has taken quite a shine to her.....she took her home last Wed and she has settled in quite well....all her medical that needs to be done (the lumps on her side to be biopsied, she seems to have a urinary /bladder infection maybe, also an ear infection) will all be able to be covered at once (i was going to get the 2 infection problems covered this wk).....

if she had not wanted her so bad Annie would still be here for a long while, but i think she's really even better off there (plus i see her at least every other day and take care of the crew when "mom" is gone)
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Yay, good for Annie!
Glad she was able to find a good forever home, and it's great that she's still so close to you.
Thats awesome:) So glad to hear things worked out well for her! What happened with the other dog?
Whoohooo Annie. That is great news. And to think you get visiting rights...couldn't have worked out better than if you planned it! :D
Thats awesome:) So glad to hear things worked out well for her! What happened with the other dog?
Jack went to northern CA to a friend of my other sister's....he has many more acres to run on than he did where he was at....

i had a feeling when we got her at the airport (Nina was w/ to pay the flight) that she might be heading that way....as soon as i saw her come out in her crate i said "Hi, Annie!" and that tail just went thumpa, thumpa, thumpa...i think she was so relieved to have someone know her name and such at the end of all that scary flight....and Nina just melted right there (sucker)....her "reasoning" is that now she's at her city limit of dogs (3) and can't be tempted to get anymore....yeah, we've all heard that one b/4 (me w/ always at least 1 over the limit):D:rolleyes:
I'm glad everything worked out well for both of them. Sounds like they will live out the rest of their lives happily and well cared for.
awww, that is so wonderful! best of luck to Annie and her new owner!
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