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Did I forgt anything for puppys car ride home for first time?

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We are bringing home a 3 month shihtzu on Friday. The car ride will be 2 1/2 - 3 hours. We are bringing her carrier bag, toys, towels, paper towels, leash, collar, harness, water, we'll have food from the breeder. Anything else I am missing? Any suggestions on what can we do to make her ride home comfortable? thanks!
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Personally, I wouldn't give a new puppy anything supplement or medication related before its seen a vet who has ok'd it. I'd rather clean up barf than accidentally give my dog the wrong thing.
I agree. Tell the breeder not to feed the pup the morning of, just offer water. Other than that find a comfy blanket or towel to put down on the seat and try to be as quiet as possible on the ride home (no squeal-talking, loud radios or windows down). Our pup cried for the first minute and slept the rest of our 3 hour drive.
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