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Hi all. So my 3.5 month old Puppy has had really bad Diarrhea since Sunday night. She gets kenneled at night. Sunday she had a accident in her kennel and was let out at 4:30am and had Diarrhea as well. But then around 6:30am is when she starts acting like she is fine. and is fine all throughout the day. She had some normal poops during the day but then when it gets to be around midnight is when she starts getting sick. She did not have a accident on Tuesday or Wednesday night but still had Diarrhea or very very soft poop. She eats no grain food and treats. Because her mom had grain issues so I started my pup on no grain right away. My mom does watch her during the day so maybe she got into the big dogs food but I wouldn't think she'd still be sick... I gave her yogurt last night and this morning just because I want whatever is in her to get out of her. I was going to give her chicken and rice because I heard that helps but... It is a grain. I've heard a lot of dogs getting sick lately or not feeling good lately so I'm not sure if it's just a bug or what... Any suggestions would be great! Just want my baby girl to feel better!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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