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Diarrhea and choking (What a horrible title...sorry!)

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Two quick questions:

1) Our puppy (17 weeks) recently developed diarrhea. It was after her final vaccination and our first trip "into the wild". I'm assuming it's because of the stress of walking to and seeing the beach and ocean for the first time. Do other people have experience with dogs get nervous and seeing diarrhea as a result? Her personality is otherwise the exact same.

2) Our puppy CONSTANTLY will eat some kibble when we are doing training and choke on it - coughing it up and eating it again. It happens around 70% of the time we give her a treat. She'll eat it, then we make her do something and she coughs it up. Is this something that is common with puppies or something to be concerned with?
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1) Puppies, well, dogs in general, getting diarrhea is pretty common. It could be due to stress, but it could also be from something she found and ate out in the wild, or in the yard, or a random GI.

2) My older dog will "swallow" and then hack up treats, and so will my friend's 5 yo rotti. Some dogs just don't chew very thoroughly.
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