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My Name is Cheryl, I am in Australia, I just recently found out my beloved dog has diabetes and maybe underling Cushing’s .. I asked her if I could test my little man at home and she said no …I said I don’t understand why you can’t test at home as when I was pregnant I had gestational diabetes …she said that was their job to monitor it and to bring him back next week for his curves ……of course I was not happy with this because I was worried I would over dose him on insulin if his readings where not that bad , so I jumped on the net and this is where I am at… I also purchased a documentary a dvd called reversing diabetes in 30 days by raw for life ( for humans) http://www.rawfor30days.com/index4.html so I started thinking if a raw diet reverses diabetes in humans why can’t it work for dogs I haven’t feed him commercial food since reading some of the book Food Pets die for by Anne martin ..however I was feeding him brown rice potatoes and pasta mixed with raw mince …..obviously this has not been the best heath choice as I didn’t know of his condition until know, I did find b.a.r.f http://www.drianbillinghurst.com/ Which I started him on I also purchased there DVD ( Which I haven’t received yet ) I love my boy so much and I am devastated at the news.
I just found your web site …I have also been feeding him chicken rabbit kangaroo.. I want to get back to as natural as possible ..being in Australia I called one of our zoos and asked them what they feed their dingo’s they told me a chicken breast in the morning and dog biscuits at night ( wow not good I thought )
has anyone managed thier dogs diabetes with diet ????Would appreciate any help

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