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Dia Duit!

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Hello from Ireland! My name's Kay and to be honest, if you had of told me I'd be joining these forums this time last year I would have laughed at you.

I have always had a fear of dogs. Big, small, skinny, chubby...they all scared me. Those teeth, how fast they could run...what was to like about some canine?

My best friend has 9 dogs between her and her mother and father and brother and uncle and aunt. Her dog, Honey, is about the size of my thigh and was even smaller when she was a pup. Still, I was scared of her (I know, right? I can hear you all laughing).

When my sister suggested we got a dog, I was against it. Like, majorly against it.

But I though, what the heck? It's just a dog...just an animal...

So we got a labrador, affectionately named Buddy. He was quiet at first and I was thankful because I was afraid of him. I couldn't lift him or let him lick me. He licked my face and it wasn't so bad, but I was still scared. Then one day, I heard him crying and whining because he missed his first home. I went right in to him and lay there with him, and we haven't looked back. He's my best friend when there are no words to say, he makes me laugh (and cry!) all the time.

I'm just here to share my advice and take some advice, too, to help me become a better dog owner.

As for Honey, we're best friends now. Not as close as me and Buddy, but close enough. She likes to lick my chin and I don't stop her. :)

So hi from me and Buddy!
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Hello and welcome! Buddy is adorable. I am so glad you are getting over the fear of dogs .... you would have no idea what you would be missing ... they are ... IMHO ... the greatest loyal friend ... who will give you unconditional love ... that you will ever know. :)
I always thought my best friend was crazy to have so many dogs, but if I ever got the chance I would buy 3 more labradors. You're so right, I love my puppy so much and I'm glad he went to us because we've given him a better home than most people who get dogs for Christmas, play with them once and forget about them :( But I couldn't do that to him now that he's part of the family :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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